Digital setup services for your practice

ortho digital offers you the straight path to your successful Insignia-treatment.

The Insignia-System is a treatment-concept that creates an individual fixed appliance for each patient. Based on a digital setup, which we design according to your ideas of an ideal result, the appliance is programmed.

Brackets and wires are produced to be perfectly in accordance with your preferences and treatment goals. That is how you can take advantage of a completely individualized fixed appliance as your straight way to a perfect result.

Optimized workflow

Putting up a digital setup requires a lot of time and experience, which sometimes is difficult to incorporate in the busy schedule of a dental practice. Working on the approver-software requires a lot of training using the system and a certain routine.

At ortho digital we want to offer you the opportunity to optimize the workflow in your practice, so that you can fully concentrate on your patient and achieve a perfect individual result using state of the art technology.

The advantages of ortho digital

  • Digital experts take care of the digital approval for you.

  • Digital setups are being put up by fully examined and trained dental technicians and orthodontists.

  • Treatment planning is simplified for you and the treatment time is reduced by approximately 30 %.

  • Discounted prices offered in combination with the purchase of Insignia-cases.


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Unlimited service

Our service includes an unlimited number of corrections of the digital setup right until you are perfectly satisfied with the result our experts have offered. Then you finally approve the case.

Unlimited number of corrections per case

Unlimited telephone- and email-support, team-viewer-conferences upon request included

(included in the contract period.)

300 Euro plus tax per Insignia-case

Please contact your Ormco representative for special discounted offers in combination with the purchase of Insignia-cases.

Full control – perfect results

Based on a virtual 3D-model of the anatomic situation of the individual patient, you can look at each tooth in detail.

Multiple views and rotational options allow you to set up each case individually and adapt it to cosmetic ideals. The detailed software and Insignia-algorithms offer an outstanding possibility to shape an ideal occlusion.

Doing this you always retain complete control of the case. Insignia neither dictates treatment mechanics nor tooth movement. It follows your treatment plan and offers the opportunity to achieve perfect results consistently. Changes can be carried out directly on the 3D models in realtime. When you are satisfied with our Setup, you approve the case. Subsequently brackets, wires and positioning-jigs for exact bracket-placement are being produced for each patient individually according to your treatment preferences and the set result.

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